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                            What people say about us and our services ,,,,

Not giving too much compliments i ordered and it said my package will arrive in two days i did not get it in two days thinking it was another rip off but i got it the following day with a can of coke in my package also i will say their products are very good it has ease my pains and also helped my son with Autism , I appreciate and i am your faithful clients 

Zac Johnson

Date 08/08/2018

wow love your delivery service and your product, was so good and hope when next i have some money i will come back for more products
                                                                                                  Jennifer Roberge

                                                                                                      Date 15/08/2018

i wont look at the site , yes it sounds unprofessional from looking and has not got good pages but i could tell it is far more upgraded with its products and their potency these medical weeds are outstanding Thank you Smith i almost doubted you 

Ian Cleary

Date 01/09/2018

This place is far more better than others even though it is not professionally well designed but at least they can afford much more better products and they have good services as well 

Bjoern Weiland

Date 20/09/2018

i am speechless i just want to say a big thanks to legal marijuana online store your products are yummy frosty and with good flavors i look forward to place another order 

Loren Baker

Date 03/01/2018

I give thanks to Legal marijuana online store  for helping me with my back pain. my order was deliver to my address in Florida successfully, Once more thanks

Leanna Kelly

Date 10/01/2019

I did receive my ‘first time buyer’ 1/8th some weeks ago and it was splendid!  Thank you so much for providing this service.  It is helping me very much.The bud arrived.  It’s magnificent.  We are amazed. We are so  thankful for
your professionalism and your ability to provide super high  quality.   Thanks again, new loyal customer

Eric Sharpe 

Date 14/01/2018

Wow it was such an amazing thing i could ever believe , at first i thought it was impossible but when the order arrived i knew it was real thank you for your service it is going to help my son for his Epilepsy will order from time to time Thanks again 

Sarah Adkins

Date 17/01/2019

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